Minder Food Industries Private Limited

Minder Food Industries Private Limited introduces "Minder Foods" as a market brand specialising in the production and marketing of natural food products. We take pride in sharing that we use the latest technology to produce superior quality products that come straight from the farmers. We are a strong competitor in the Natural and nutritional segments because of our high-quality Natural foods. All of our products have been developed looking at the consumers specific needs and requirements to deliver satisfaction beyond expectation.

Our Management

Minder Foods is pleased to announce a partnership for raw materials used in the production of Natural foods with SK Agro Industries and Shrikant Masale. Minder Foods' founders, Mr. Vijaykumar M Paliya and Mr. Mayur V Paliya, have over 30 years of experience in the same field. He believes that customers should be able to obtain high-quality, mostly Natural foods, which is why he entered the market and started his own business in Junnar, and he has now opened a second branch in Yelwadi Chakan, Pune. He intended to expand his business throughout India and provide healthy and Natural foods to end users.

Our Vision

Connecting more farmers and distributing Natural products across the Maharashtra.

Our Mission

To ensure the integrity of Natural products and to provide high-quality products.
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